The Printers House


Gone are the days when printing books used to be a hectic task! With time, the technology in book printing machines has also advanced. The modern book printing machines can now print books in high volumes in very less time.

Our hi-tech book printing machines are ideal for meeting the requirements of any big publishing or printing houses. Paper rolls(webs) are used in these machines and the printing is carried out on either side of the web. These book printing machines are also capable of cutting and folding the printed material. This feature of our modern book printing machine is very cost-effective as it saves a lot of labour cost and is also time-saving.

Different kinds of books/ magazines have different requirements. Our Book Printing Machines are capable of providing various finishes like lamination, scuff-proof varnish, aqueous UV coating, embossing, stamping, die-cutting, and edge guiding. Also, our book printing machines can print books of all sizes. It can be used for small, medium or big books.

Accompanied with features like motorised dampening, heavy-duty compensator, and safety guards, Orient’s Book Printing Machines provide one of the most economical and fastest book printing solutions. Whether it is a maplitho of 45 gsm or 100 gsm, everything can be printed easily using our book printing machines.

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