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Tailored Financing Solutions are just as Important as Investing in the Right Technology Our Financial Services Division Has Successfully Supported Customers in Realizing Their Investment Projects Through Cooperations With Renowned Leasing Companies and Banks.

Supporting ORIENT customers in realizing their investment projects.

Against the background of increasing capital requirements for banks, medium and long term financing is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Banks do take a much closer look on which companies they want to grant financing to. In doing so, their focus is rather placed on balance sheet figures and ratios than on the investment itself.

This is where our ORIENT Financial Services team steppes in and actively moderates between our customers and financing partners. 

We make sure that our financing partners do understand our customers’ business, value the benefits of the planned investment project and not least do positively factor these in their financing decision. In this way, ORIENT Financial Services supports the realization of numerous investment projects.

As our valued patrons you will benefit from our co-operations with renowned financing partners. As such , we hope to facilitate your investment project in any way we possible can.

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