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Web offset printing is a form of printing that uses rollers to transfer ink directly onto the paper. In current times, it has become the best output yielding printing method. The printing procedure is carried out using a continuous roll(web) of paper. After printing, pages are separated and cut to size and automatically folded. High-volume publications such as mass-market books, periodicals, newspapers, catalogues, and brochures are printed using web offset printing machines.

They use a high-quality printing technology that doesn't require the usage of a plate or a press to generate better prints. It may feel like this process is costlier but with suitable outlays, especially for bulk activities, this method proves to be superior in both qualitative and economic aspects in comparison to its rivals like sheetfed printing. The manufacturing cost reduces as the quantity of copies increases. In addition, the manufacturing method ensures consistent picture quality and a beautiful finish.

Sheet-fed vs Web Offset Printing

Web offset printing machines have various advantages over sheetfed offset printing. In sheetfed offset printing, sheets of paper are used which is more expensive than rolls . The ink has to be dried after the print is done. Later, the folding has also to be done before sending it to the post-press department which takes a lot of time.

On the other hand, web offset printing machines make use of paper rolls and also enable auto-folding and other useful options that we already discussed above which makes the whole printing process 4-5 times faster.

Also, paper sheets are costlier than paper rolls which again reduces the cost of the web offset printing method. Per unit cost is very much minimised along with faster speed and better quality. So while the sheetfed printing method can prove to be cheaper for small quantities but when it comes to medium and large, web offset printing machines are the best options. Also, the quality factor is always better with the web offset printing machines.

The Print House, established in 1946, has been manufacturing high-quality printing machines, including Web offset printing machines with over more than 75 years of expertise. Our machines are of excellent quality, reasonably priced, and well suited to fulfil the expanding demands of the printing and publishing industries. We can meet the requirements of the booming printing and publishing business by relying on ultramodern machines and high-tech equipment.

Web Offset Printing machines

These web offset printing machines vary in price depending on their size, configuration, and functionality. Some of our Web Offset Printing Machines are listed below:

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