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Orient X- Press Fold HMI: Automation leading the way

The X-Press fold is a fully automated machine with a state of the art man- machine interface. This interface allows the machine to house multiple types of automation and synchronize the in order to achieve improved ROI's and high speeds with strict quality control checks. Our interface is user friendly and is focused on making the experience intuitive for any operator to easily use.

Technical Specification:
Orient X-Press Fold

Model X-Press 650 PC X-Press 850 PC X-Press 1100 PC
MaxiBlankmum 650X700mm 850X900mm 1100X900mm
Smallest Blank 120X70mm 125X70mm 130X70mm
Paper range Paper jam 250~800g, corrugated paper F、E
Machine length 16.8 m 16.8 m 16.8 m
Machine height 1450mm 1450mm 1450mm
Total power 18.5kw 18.5kw 18.5kw

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