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Offset Printing Machine

Offset Printing Machine

If we dig into the history of printing, the use of offset printing machine is a relatively new arrival. But what has led to its widespread popularity in this short period of time in the printing industry is its economical advantage and high-quality print. It is best for such businesses that are neither small nor big. It gives excellent print output for books, booklets, flyers, posters, brochures, catalogues, calendars and many more. By using offset printing machine, any medium-sized business can achieve the best price per piece cost.

Working model of an Offset Printing Machine

Mainly we can classify the working of offset printing machine into two stages. Firstly, the inked image is made to transfer onto a rubber blanket and in the second stage, from this blanket onto paper.

The separation of images into their fundamental colours is done with the help of computers which have made the task of breaking down images into their fundamental printing colours simpler.

As per the number of colours, different plates are prepared for each colour. These plates are receptive to water and grease. The areas which are receptive to grease, the ink gets stuck there while the areas receptor to water act as ink repellant.

The offset ink press pours ink onto the plate by sucking ink from the ink fountain. Extreme pressure is applied and the images are imprinted on a rubber blanket from the plates. Depending upon the total number of colours, each plate of a single colour is pressed separately to complete the full image for printing.

Offset Printing Machine

Now let's talk about two kinds of offset printing machine that we manufacture.

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